The wolverine (Gulo gulo)

Norwegian: Jerv

The wolverine, also known as glutton (scientific name: gulo gulo), is one of the many species living in this intact mountain habitat.

Weight: Male 12 – 18 kilogram, female 8 – 12 kilogram

The population: The protection (1973) gave the wolverine the opportunity to reestablish itself in an area where there had not been a stable stock for more than 50 years. The number of cubs being born in recent years has been 2-5 for the Rondane – Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella area.

Habitat use: Compared to other carnivores of similar size, the wolverine depends on a wide-ranging habitat. Females with cubs need the smallest habitats, which vary from 40 – 140 km², while females without cubs and males may require areas covering 200 – 1500 km².

The species is found in two main areas in Norway: One such area is a  nearly contiguous area along the Swedish border stretching from Northern Norway to Femunden. The other area is located in Southern Norway in Dovre, Rondane, Reinheimen, Snøhetta and Hedmark county.