Tourist service



The communities Sel, Dovre  Lesja og Folldal: Tourist Offices at Otta, Dombås, Folldal and at Bjorli. Read more.

The communities Ringebu, Nord-Fron og Sør-Fron: Tourist officiies at Lilllehammer, Ringebu and at Vinstra. Read more.

The community Oppdal, tourist Office at Oppdal. Read more.

The community Tynset, tourist office at Tynset. Read more.

The community Sunndal, tourist officies at Gjøra and at Sunndalsøra. Read more.

The community Rauma, tourist office at Åndalsnes. Read more.

The Norwegian tracking organisation can offer you cabins, tracks for cross country skiing and paths. Read more.