We have some suggestions for trips starting in the south and then travelling clockwise through the region – will you join us?






Dombås: Visit the national park center, join a musk ox or moose safari, experience Fokstumyra nature reserve with tremendous bird life, trek in the summer, ski in the winter, bicycle across Dovrefjell, take the trip to Grimsdalen valley by bike or car – visit cultural trails, use the network of trails run by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), fish in the Lågen river or in the mountains, take the trip up to Mehøe at Dovrefjell.

Lesjabygda: Visit Lesja village, fish in the Lågen river or in the mountains, take the mountain road to Dalsida – experience the national park and enjoy life alongside the local lakes, visit the mining facilities at Lesjaverk, paddle at Lesjaskogsvatnet lake, go horse-back riding.

Romsdalen toward Åndalsnes: Take a trip on the Raumabanen railway (trip/return  Åndalsnes – Bjorli), climb up precipitous mountain faces, stop at the famous Trollveggen, enjoy walks in the mountains, enjoy the river Rauma, photograph the spectacular local landscape, enjoy the journey from mountain to fjord.

Eresfjord in Nesset: Visit the national park info center at COOP, walk up to the spectacular Mardalsfossen waterfall, fish salmon in the river Eira, visit the magnificent and large rock carvings at Bugge, visit the rectory near Eidsvåg, take the steep mountain road over to Sunndalsøra, trek in the summer and photograph a magnificent landscape, wind down and relax by taking a break in the hazelnut forest.

Gjøra i Sunndal: Visit the national park centre, fish in Driva, visit the river canyons in Åmotan and walk the wonderful trails there, see the many magnificent mountain farms and mountain valleys, visit the Vangshaugen tourist cabin, study “English history”, attend the festival “Gjera Gjøra”, visit the national parks in July, summer trekking in the valley and mountains, fish in mountain lakes, hunt and study plant life. You can start the mountain trek inside the national park.

Oppdal: Visit the national park info centre at Skysstasjonen, summer trekking in the mountains and forest, Nordic and Alpine skiing in the winter, take a musk ox or moose safari, visit a major burial ground dating from the Middle Ages, take the trip up to Vinstradalen,  Åmotsdalen, or Drivdalen and visit the unique mountain garden at Kongsvold, go river paddling, climb precipitous paths, fish and hunt, travel on the Pilgrim’s route.

Hjerkinn: Visit “Viewpoint Snøhetta” – 1.5 km on easy trail up to top – adapted for wheelchair users, reflect over the mountain’s magic, travel on the Pilgrim’s route and visit Øystein Church, take a musk ox safari, walk to the top of Snøhetta and visit the national park, learn about the restoration of Hjerkinn shooting range, summer trekking.

Folldal: Visit the national park center and Folldal mines, ride the mine train, walk around and explore, study mining history, take a guided tour, discover the trolls, paddle in the river Folla, take photographs, enjoy a ski trip, moonlit tours, fish and camp in Einunndalen, hunt, eat delicious meals, visit Knutshø landscape preservation area, enjoy a fantastic view of Rondane.